2019년도 KIRL Workshop 개최
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1. 일시: 2019년 8월 26일-27일 

2. 장소: 서울특별시 마포구 대흥동 백범로 35 서강대학교 다산관 209B 교수회의실 

3. 참석자: 강남훈, 강우창, 김낙년, 박성호, 유종성, 유종일, 이수현, 이종현, 이철승, 이승윤, 전병유, 하은영, 정인관, 손상용, Timo Fleckenstein, Stephan Haggard, Frederick Solt 

4. 주요 안건: 책 프로포절 및 토론  

4.1 8월 26일 

August 26, 2pm-6pm:


2:00-2:15  Greetings and introduction from the Director and the Mentor


2:15-4:00  Data and Measurement

(1)   Nak Nyeon Kim, Income and wealth inequality in Korea, focusing on distributional national account (DINA)

(2)   Frederick Solt, Standardized World Income Inequality Database (SWIID)

(3)   Byung You Cheon, Use of administrative data in social science and policy research in Korea: Current status and prospects


4:00-4:30 Coffee break


4:30-6:30  Consequences of rising inequality

(4)   Jong-Hyun Yi. Consumption inequality and Social Conflict in South Korea

(5)   Inkwan Chung. Educational expansion and its consequences: social mobility and income inequality in Korea and the US

(6)   Woo Chang Kang. Economic inequality, regional disparity, and political inequality in Korea

(7)   Jong-sung You. Inequality and quality of democracy: cross-national patterns in inequality, corruption and trust and a case study of Korea


6:45-8:30 Dinner

4.2 8월 27일 

August 27


9:00-10:15  Causes and Labor Markets

(1)   Jong-il You and Byung You Cheon. From shared growth to polarising slowdown: The causes of rising inequality in Korea.

(2)   Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee. Korean labor market and the increasing precariats: The pyramis production system and labor market inequality.


10:15-10:45  Coffee break


10:45-12:30  Book manuscript workshop

(3)    Eunyoung Ha. Globalization: A Driver of Individual Ideology and Partisan Politics in the Developing World.

(also, book proposal: The effects of East Asian welfare states on inequality and poverty:  Korea, Taiwan and Japan, 1986-2016)


12:30-2:00pm Lunch


2pm-3:15pm: Social Policy


(4)    Timo Fleckenstein and Soohyun Christine Lee. The transformation of welfare capitalism in Europe and East Asia: Germany, the UK, Sweden, Japan and Korea

(5)    Cheol-Sung Lee. New Forms of Labor Movements: South Korean Case under Market-oriented Reforms


3:15pm-3:45pm  Coffee break


3:45pm-5:00pm Social Policy

(6)    Sung Ho Park. tax policy, welfare policy, and economic inequality in Korea and Japan 

(7)    Nam Hoon Kang and Jong-sung You. The political economy of universal basic income, with application to Korea, India, and the US (and/or the UK).


5pm-6pm: Concluding discussion

1) First-year report

2) Plans for the second year and beyond



6:15pm-8pm: Dinner


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