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제 16회 EASP 연례 학술회의 (2019.07)
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제 16회 EASP 연례 학술회의 

: East Asian Welfare Futures: between Productivism and Social Investment

1. 일시: 2019년 7월 2일-3일 

2. 장소: 대만 타이페이

3. 참석자: 유종성 교수, 이철승 교수, 박성호 교수, 하은영 교수 

4. 주요 안건 

1) 불평등과 사회정책 연구소 패널 발표 

: Session 6A. Panel 10: Inequality and Policy and Partisan Preferences in South Korea

  1. "Asset Increases and Change in Social Policy Preferences: A Natural Experiment with the South Korean Case, 2007-2016" Cheol-Sung Lee
  2. "Income Inequality, Social Policy Preferences, and Class Votes in South Korea (1996-2016) Eunyoung Ha 
  3. "Is class voting emergent in Korea?" Jong-Sung You

2) 유종성 교수, 박성호 교수 개별 발표 
: Session 2H Social Policy and Taxation 
  1. "Capital Taxation in Japan and South Korea, the 1990s-2010s: Similar Outcome with Different Trajectories" Sung-Ho Park
  2.  "How to Interpret the Preliminary Results of the Finnish Basic Income Experiment" Jong-Sung You

3) 하은영 교수 개별 발표
: Session 4C Welfare Regime(2)

  1. "The Distributive Effects of Social Welfare Policies in South Korea, 1986-2016" Eunyoung Ha 


이전글 제 6회 불평등연구회 학술심포지엄 (2019.07)
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